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Our commitment to excellence

Mercer Hoteles, a personal vision of contemporary luxury

Mercer Hoteles was established with the vision of designing five-star hotels where hospitality is provided in historic buildings that have great heritage and cultural value. These buildings have also been remodelled by leading architects including Rafael Moneo and Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos.

Sited in exceptional enclaves, our hotels allow you to discover the authenticity and uniqueness of each destination, in the historic centre of cities such as Barcelona and Seville.

Our commitment to preserving and showcasing the heritage and culture of our luxury establishments is coupled with exclusive interior design to enfold our guests in absolute comfort in an understated and refined atmosphere.

Mercer Hoteles, a personal vision of contemporary luxury

We bring together the tangible with the intangible to create unforgettable experiences with every stay

An exceptional and intuitive service

Each Mercer hotel is unique and provides the setting for gorgeous venues which make every stay a genuine and unrepeatable experience. Each of our luxury establishments stands out for its exceptional and intuitive service, delivering personalised care which sees to even the smallest of details.

Our guests, lovers of culture, cuisine and exclusivity, discover inspiring sites of unpretentious elegance where they can share rewarding experiences.

Whether admiring the stunning views of the Giralda or seeing the history of Roman Barcino’s city wall... Let us amaze you.

Our Hotels

Our secret is that we talk about hospitality

Pedro Molina, Mercer Hoteles CEO and founder

"I don’t believe in hotels without a soul, that are not able to explain their history or that can’t connect with the city they are in. Nowadays guests are looking for enriching experiences in hotels, beyond having a comfortable bed or a coffee maker in their room. They look for properties that add value a gastronomic or artistic point of view. And we understood this message years ago."

“For us, the true luxury is in three keys. First of all, service: From the Concierge –which becomes the best traveler companion– to all the staff –trained to be an ally of the guest–. The second key is how spaces are designed to generate sensations. It's about how they make you feel more than what they are like. Finally, the gastronomy that makes the experience unique in each destination and turns our hotels into essential meeting points."

"We are a family company and our secret is to speak about hospitality -a concept that seemed forgotten but which is our core business- and about service -we overtake competitors by offering added values that others didn’t by that time. This, and taking care of every little detail, has allowed us to have a strong basis of loyal customers.”

“Now that the international hotel chains are landing in our country with their luxury brands, Mercer Hoteles demonstrates that there is an 'Iberian' way of receiving and delighting in small properties, where the experience personalization is the sign of our excellence.”

Gastronomy at Mercer Hoteles

Mercer Hoteles is reaffirming its commitment to quality signature cuisine which embodies respect for traditional recipes and local produts with a contemporary and singular approach.

As part of their experience, guests can enjoy the delicate Mediterranean cuisine of chef Xavier Lahuerta in Barcelona or the popular Andalusian tapas in Seville, among other suggestions.

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