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Enjoy "Feria de Abril" in Sevilla

The popular “Feria de Abril” is the traditional and spectacular festival with which Seville celebrates the arrival of spring. This year, it takes place from April 30th to May 7th.


“Feria de Abril” dates back to 1846, when an agricultural fair used to be held, with great commercial and public acceptance. Over the years, this cattle sale trade show develops into a popular celebration.


“Feria de Abril” starts on the night of “pescaíto” (on Saturday 29th April), the dinner composed of fried fish takes place before the "alumbrao”, the colorful lighting at 12 o'clock in the evening of the 350,000 light bulbs that illuminate the main entrance or “portada” (that this year it’s dedicated to the Universal Exhibition of Seville “Expo’92” XXV anniversary) and the streets of the fairground. “Feria de Abril” ends 7 days later with the lights off at midnight and a fireworks show.

Fairground is located in Los Remedios neighborhood -near the Guadalquivir- and has 3 areas: The “Real de la Feria”, the “Calle del Infierno” (fairground area) and the parking area. It’s a real ephemeral city of 1,000,000sqm, whose construction begins every January the 1st.


“El Real” is the space destined to the traditional huts and the avenue for horses and carriages walks. More than 1,000 huts are distributed in 25 blocks and 15 streets, all with important bullfighters names. “El Real” gets its name from the old coin that coachmen used to collect in old times to carry people to the Feria.

By the day, you can enjoy horse and carriage rides which constitute one of the “Feria de Abril” most beautiful spectacles, with around 1,400 carriages, most of which are real jewels.

When the sun goes down, thousands of lanterns illuminate “El Real”. At night, in each booth similar scenes are repeated: Sevillians get together to share, relate and have fun -food, drink, songs and dance until sunrise-, turning the booths into an extension of their own house, for a few days.

Bullfighting is another “Feria de Abril” fundamental tradition. Not surprisingly, the “Real Maestranza” is one of the main bullrings in the world and Seville a city of great bullfighting tradition.


Family, friends, guests, typical food (fried fish, tapas, fritters) and drink (fino, manzanilla and rebujito), local music and dance (guitars, castanets, sevillanas), flamenco dresses, polka dots, combs, flowers, Manila shawls, bulls, horses, carriages, and much more!

A week in which Sevillians demonstrate their art of living and dazzle, like no one, to all visitors!