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Le Bouchon Gastrobar Barcelona

A glass of wine, some tapas, a quiet atmosphere. Nothing can go wrong. Welcome to Le Bouchon.

Le Bouchon, small moments, great memories

Le Bouchon is the gastrobar of the Mercer, the luxury hotel par excellence in the Gothic Quarter. It's set in a historic street and building of Barcelona center, as the Lledó Street -located within the perimeter of the ancient Roman wall -was one of the most wanted manor house street on Medieval Barcelona period.

Le Bouchon

Open to the city and its visitors, Le Bouchon is an original gastronomic space that pays a personal tribute to traditional neighborhood bars, with a chic touch: An invitation to stroll through the center of Barcelona and stop to savor a glass of wine and choose from a wide selection of tapas and dishes to share in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

Le Bouchon's menu has been conceived by chef Xavier Lahuerta -Mercer Barcelona Executive Chef since 2019- with the intention of bringing together the best of traditional tapas, its Mediterranean roots, its journey through different cultures and its vision of modern gastronomy. Lahuerta emphasizes the ingredients quality and proximity as well as simple and balanced preparations that highlight natural flavors.

Le Bouchon Barcelona

Enjoy an aperitif, a lunch, an afterwork, a dinner. Options are diverse. In addition, Le Bouchon Barcelona has recently incorporated a classic and signature cocktails menu, offering the possibility of pairing cocktails and tapas to suit everyone.

Le Bouchon Barcelona

Olive oil trenchers by Le Bouchon Barcelona

Panis molliculus means 'soft bread' in latin. The tenderness of the crumb is the main characteristic of the 'mollete' (Spanish trencher), an oval and slightly cooked bread. In addition to its sponginess and its wheat flavor, the 'mollete' is a versatile bread that admits any accompaniment.

In Spain, the 'mollete' is popular in several towns with baking tradition, especially in Andalusia and even more so in Antequera (the only one with PGI - Protected Geographical Indication). Mollete is usually soaked in olive oil and stuffed with traditional products.

Le Bouchon Barcelona

Chef's recipe


Ingredients (ration)

1 mollete / muffin (70g)
2 medium eggplants
Raw milk goat cheese (25g)
Oak smoked olive oil


  • Roast the aubergines (with skin) in the oven with a olive oil and salt. Once roasted, let them cool, remove the skin and cut them into cubes.
  • In a frying pan with olive oil (previously smoked in oak), lightly sauté the aubergine and season with salt and black pepper.
  • Cut the muffin in the center and place in the oven for a few minutes. Take it out of the oven, open it, moisten it with oak olive oil and salt.
  • Place the aubergine on the base of the bread and return to the oven for about two minutes.
  • Place the cheese on top of the aubergine, temper it with a kitchen torch, place the bread top and enjoy!
  • Optional: Accompany with rosemary and thyme. And burn them to get a Mediterranean fragrance.

What has been said about us

“My second visit to Le Bouchon. The food is worthy of a foodie. Interesting selection of tapas and wines. A hidden gem from the crowd in a quiet part of the neighborhood. The decoration and design of the space are simple but sophisticated. And the staff is great.”

Le Bouchon Barcelona
Calle dels Lledó, 7. Barcelona
T. +34 933 107 480
Open every day, from 12.30pm to 4.30pm and from 6.30 to 11pm.