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EME Catedral Mercer Hotel: History and Modernity

At Mercer Hotels, we believe in the conservation of the heritage and culture of the buildings of all our hotels. The integration of the old and the new is one of our hallmarks. Andalusian historical legacy converges with modernity at the EME Catedral Mercer Hotel​.

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Seville neighborhoods

The historical and monumental Seville has different picturesque neighborhoods, each one with its own different personality.

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Sweet dates

Desserts and sweets have an extensive trajectory in the national cuisine. Pastry is linked to Christian religious celebrations, as is the case of the Holy Week in Seville.

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Andalusian Patios

The Andalusian patio constitutes the common space by excellence within the popular architecture of Southern Spain. This architectural characteristic was consolidated by Romans, Arabs and Christians, over the centuries.

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It's cocktail time!

The cocktail is a bicentennial drink which history has had ups and downs, although in the last decades it has become very fashionable, gaining fans to the original drinks.

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