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New Restaurant AL LADO Paco Pérez in Seville

Giralda has a new neighbour. Chef Paco Pérez, one of the greatest Spanish chefs recognized with five Michelin stars, has just opened his first restaurant in his homeland Andalusia.

Restuarant AL LADO Paco Pérez

In the new Restaurant AL LADO (“BESIDE”) located in the 5-star hotel EME Catedral Mercer facing the majestic Cathedral, Pérez will show a casual, informal, modern and urban facet, based on the quality of the product: 

“The product comes first. Without product we couldn’t do anything. Our duty is to extract as much as we can from it”.

Restuarant AL LADO Paco Pérez

Pérez has developed the AL LADO menu based on salads, dishes to share, pizzas and toasts, signature burgers, bao buns and traditional muffins, cold meat tables, as well as delicious homemade desserts. The restaurant offers the take away option, a trendy gastronomic service in the main European capitals.

Restuarant AL LADO Paco Pérez

AL LADO menu proposes a mestizo cuisine combining Hispanic tradition typical flavors from both sides of the Atlantic, to offer the best of both worlds: A journey for the senses that takes us to 15th and 16th Seville centuries when, after the discovery of America, its port became the entrance of new ingredients that would transform the Spanish recipe book.

Restuarant AL LADO Paco Pérez

AL LADO, which interior design has been entrusted to the Flop Studio in Seville, completes the EME Catedral Mercer restoration offer. The Hotel already has La Terraza del EME, a panoramic rooftop bar overlooking the Cathedral and the Giralda; La Esquina del Bacalao, bar-restaurant of popular Andalusian cuisine and local wines and The Corner lobby bar, to enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine or coffee in a quiet space with refreshing views to the Orange Trees Courtyard of the hotel.

AL LADO Paco Pérez Restaurant



Able to create up to 130 different dishes every year, Paco Pérez (Huelva, 1962) is an avant-garde cuisine artisan who doesn’t lose the traditional cuisine wisdom, the freshness of the sea and the taste of the product.

Trained in France with Michel Guérard -one of the nouvelle cuisine founders-, Pérez has been inspired from El Bulli influence. Its flagship is Miramar Restaurant (Llançà, Girona), where in 1994 he created its famous foie gras with chocolate and apple, and that holds two Michelin stars. He also directs “Enoteca” restaurant, at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona, with two more stars; “Five” restaurant of the Hotel Das Stue in Berlin, with one star, as well as the “Tast” bar-restaurant in Manchester.

He runs innovative gastronomic projects as “La Royale” (a gourmet burger restaurant), “L’EGGS” (a restaurant specialized in eggs) or “Bao Bar” author's tavern, all of them in Barcelona. AL LADO is chef's new project, the first in Seville, and a commitment to continue innovating in one of the gastronomic Spanish capitals.

AL LADO Paco Pérez Restaurant

AL LADO Paco Pérez  

C/ Álvarez Quintero, 45. Seville

Phone +34 954 56 00 00

Email: alladococina@emecatedralmercer.com

Monday to Sunday, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.

Chef Xavier Lahuerta returns to Mercer Barcelona kitchen

When Jean Luc Figueras -Executive Chef of the Mercer Barcelona- passed away in 2014, Chef Xavier Lahuerta (Barcelona, 1975) takes over the gastronomic direction of the Hotel, succeeding one of his mentors for over a year. Then, Lahuerta decides to embark on a new stage of gastronomic exploration. Now he returns to the Mercer with a new look.

Let's move to your origins. Tell us about your first influences...

Throughout my childhood I saw my two grandmothers work in the kitchen. This made that at the age of 16 I clearly knew what my profession would be. My grandmothers knowledge and passion were the starting points.

How was your career?

My generation has been behind the Michelin starred Chefs with the goal to learn from them while working on their projects. In my case, I worked in some of the best restaurants of Catalan cuisine for 20 years, with great teachers like Xavier Pellicer, Santi Santamaria, Carles Gaig, Ferran Adrià, Carles Abellán and the unfortunately deceased Jean Luc Figueras, with whom I started working at the age of 17. During this time, I was Sous Chef, Chef or Executive Chef at El Bulli, Can Fabes, Abac, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Projectes 24, Rocamador, Grupo Azafrán, El Cercle or New Paradis.

Chef Xavier Lahuerta at the Mercer Barcelona

Then came a professional turning point...

During this first professional period I was developing signature cuisine, Catalan cuisine with French influences following the trail of these great chefs with whom I had the pleasure to collaborate. But there was a time when I decided to stop, reflect on a new mindset and expand my horizons. I think it’s highly recommended, if not essential, to stop and observe. During this time, I made several trips in which I learned new aspects of gastronomy that have allowed me to renew my kitchen, making great quality leap.

What world cuisines have influenced you the most during these trips?

I have traveled a lot to Mexico. For example, in the Mercer Restaurant menu, one of the entrees is the violet roasted carrot that we serve with “poblano mole”. It’s an example of the Mexican cuisine touches in my cookbook. I am also fascinated by the Asian gastronomy, I use several Asian ingredients and techniques, such as the croaker in sashimi also included in the current Mercer menu.

You are an intuitive chef...

Yes, I am a restless, dynamic and intuitive person. In my opinion, it’s necessary to leave the comfort zone, go beyond, expand the limits, be an entrepreneur and bet on new challenges and projects. I try to leave my mark of quality in our gastronomy, being authentic and connecting with people. In this sense, I was recently named as the culinary order member by the "Chaîne des Rôtisseurs" (oldest gastronomic association in the world).

Chef Xavier Lahuerta at the Mercer Barcelona Restaurant

What does it mean for you to return to the Mercer Barcelona kitchen?

Returning to the Mercer is like coming back home. I’m taking the challenge of being in the Barcelona Gothic Quarter with excitement, in a historical building shaped in part of the old Barcino Roman wall, a space with a strong personality and a great reputation in the city. I was one the moments that had made the chef I am today, I am delighted to return and develop my project here.

Mercer Restaurant Barcelona

How would you define your gastronomic proposal at the Mercer?

We offer a combination of traditional recipes with avant-garde techniques and local high quality products. In the Mercer Restaurant menu, we take care of dishes balance, based on few ingredients and well prepared. This are natural and healthy proposals for make our dinners live an emotional experience.

Chef Xavier Lahuerta gastronomy at the Mercer Barcelona Restaurant

A gastronomic memory

I remember the feeling of enjoying eating in a restaurant and not leaving the table trying not to lose any detail, like a stage play.

Your favorite dish

It is difficult to choose a dish when my greatest pleasure is to enjoy eating! But to say one, it would be a dish that brings me knowledge and reflection, feeling and passion, especially that one which makes me feel alive. My favorite dish is “the land and the sea”.

Your favorite restaurant

Many, not only one! It’s hard to choose only a restaurant due to the infinite offer that exists nowadays. Depending on the moment and with whom you share it. But a classic that never fails is “Casa Alfonso”, a restaurant opened since 1934 in Barcelona.

An unavoidable ingredient in your kitchen

Quality is the ingredient in our kitchen must always have, not only from products but also the human asset to feel and work with them.

Mercer Restaurant

Calle dels Lledó, 7. 08002 Barcelona

Reservations: Tel. +34 93 310 74 80 · Email: restaurante@mercerbarcelona.com

Cod fritters by Le Bouchon, enjoy our homemade recipe

Discover the cod fritters recipe by Le Bouchon, the Mercer Hotel Barcelona gastrobar specialized in tapas and local dishes.

Located on a quiet street in the historical Barcelona Gothic Quarter, Le Bouchon is the gastrobar of Hotel Mercer, nestled in part of the old Barcino Roman wall: A unique location right in the heart of Barcelona.

Le Bouchon

It’s a local restaurant opened not only to hotel guests but also to any visitor wishing to spend a nice gastronomic time: Whether enjoying an appetizer or an informal lunch or sharing a diner with a nice bottle of wine.

Le Bouchon

The menu offers some canned appetizers from La Cala Albert Adrià, cold meats and cheeses, as well as a variety of homemade dishes, perfect to accompany by a glass of wine from some of the main national appellations.

Le Bouchon

“Bravas” spicy potatoes, croquettes, crunchy chicken nuggets, Andalusian style squid, fried peppers from Padrón, cod omelet, eggs with Iberian ham or meatballs with cuttlefish, among other typical dishes, can be enjoyed in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

Le Bouchon

Among Le Bouchon tapas and dishes, today we introduce the delicious cod fritters with roasted garlic dressing (“allioli”): Made with wild cod from Iceland ('Gadus Morhua' from Perelló 1898), they are crispy on the outside, spongy on the inside and served with a special sauce. 

We share our recipe to encourage you to make them at home!


Gastrobar Le Bouchon
Monday to Sunday, 12.30 - 16.00h and 18.30 - 23.00h
Calle dels Lledó, 7
08002 Barcelona (Spain) 
Tel. +34 93 310 74 80

Sweet dates

Desserts and sweets have an extensive trajectory in the national cuisine. Pastry is linked to Christian religious celebrations, as is the case of the Holy Week in Seville.


Each culture that has inhabited the territory has left its mark on the traditional sweet recipes. The first cakes date from the time of the Roman Empire, when the precious honey from Hispania is mixed with wheat flour for sweet preparations.

Afterwards, the Arab culture encourages the Spanish pastry-making with the sugar cane importation (in the East sugar cane was refined since the 9th century) and the use of nuts (such as almonds) in many cakes.

With the discovery of America, spices such as cinnamon, vanilla and coffee are introduced. But the ingredient that revolutionizes the European pastries is the cacao coming from Mexico. The first to use it are the Spanish confectioners who add sugar to compensate for their bitterness. Quickly, chocolate becomes an essential recipes ingredient, much appreciated socially.

María Luisa Restaurant

In the 18th century, the national confectionery is influenced by the modern pastry started in France (with the development of puff pastry). At the end of the 19th, the proliferation of specialized stores open to the public and the new machinery development contribute to the popularization of sweets.

Mercer Barcelona Breakfast

Nowadays, the confectionary specialties are very assorted according to the geographical area and are closely linked to the Christian religious celebrations. Throughout the year, visitors can taste a variety of typical sweets, but Christmas and Easter are the dates with the greatest number of sweet preparations in the whole country.

The ‘torrija’ is one of the Holy Week stars in Seville. This traditional sweet dates from the 15h century. The base of the ‘torrija’ is a slice of bread (traditionally bread from previous days) soaked in milk or wine, which is later coated in beaten egg, fried in a pan with olive oil until browned and finished bathing in honey, sugar or cinnamon: As simple as delicious. Don't miss our recipe!


María Luisa Restaurant

At the María Luisa Restaurant of the Mercer Sevilla, the chef makes a dessert of home-made ‘torrijas’ with honey bubbles and mango sorbet. 

Both at Mercer Sevilla and Mercer Barcelona desserts and sweets are also protagonists of our kitchens, as with them we try to surprise our guests and share our culture and local traditions.

Mercer Barcelona

Interview with Rafa Liñán, Executive Chef at Mercer Sevilla

On the occasion of María Luisa Restaurant first anniversary, we interviewed chef Rafa Liñán.

The hotel Mercer Sevilla opened the doors of its María Luisa restaurant one year ago. Since then, the young Sevillian chef Rafa Liñán is in charge of the hotel's kitchen: A year full of challenges that we talk about with the chef.

With only 32 years old, after his time at the Heineken Hospitality School in Seville, chef Rafa Liñán starts his "learning trip". His training goes through kitchens of Hacienda Benazuza (Seville), Zaranda restaurant (Majorca), Calima (Marbella), Casa Alta (Seville) and Cambio de Tercio (London). And after two years in England, he returns to Spain to participate in the opening of the Estimar (chef Rafael Zafra restaurant in Barcelona) and Heart Ibiza (the Cirque du Soleil and Adrià brothers project). The last stop of his trip is in his region, at The Mercer Sevilla restaurant, “María Luisa”.

Mercer Hotel Sevilla

How do you feel having returned home to cook?

I’m happy and excited to return home with the knowledge acquired from all the great chefs and colleagues with whom I have worked during this time [he has collaborated with chefs as Rafa Zafra, Fernando Arellano, Dani García, Javier Padura, Lucas Bernal and Alberto Criado]. And whising to continue to imbibe new stories and experiences.

What kind of cuisine offers María Luisa's menu?

It’s a cuisine based on flavors of our land, Andalusia characteristic flavors, respecting and pampering the product, trying to offer the highest quality and proximity products as possible. The menu, directed by Rafa Zafra, aims to reinvent or, better said, rediscover the traditional Andalusian recipes, contributing new techniques to the cuisine we already know.

María Luisa Restaurant

So... Tradition or avant-garde cuisine?

In this point, I believe that both worlds go hand in hand at María Luisa restaurant. We try to respect the tradition to the maximum trying to doing it by it using more avant-garde techniques that provide a different touch but without losing the essence of the dish.

Where does the inspiration come from?

The inspiration comes from the raw material, from the local product, as well as from the traditional Andalusian recipes books. This is the starting point of our work.

You love Andalusian proximity products...

Having such excellent products in Andalusia as veal, olive oil, mushrooms, etc. we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with them and proudly display our land. For example, bread is served daily from Bollullos town, fish and seafood are brought directly from Huelva and Cádiz: Conil, Isla Cristina, etc.

What dishes would you highlight from María Luisa's menu?

The Al-Andalus Style lamb with cauliflower couscous, the Aracena mushrooms with their jelly and starry eggs, or the Rota style sea bream. These are three dishes that clearly define our intentions: Traditional flavors, proximity products and avant-garde techniques. And they surprise the diner.

Let’s talk about the diner… How is the restaurant customer?

Our customer is everyone who loves good food and drink, open-minded to enjoy something different: Both guests staying at the hotel and other Seville visitors, and of course the Sevillians.

Mercer Hotek Sevilla

What’s the difference between Maria Luisa and other restaurants in Seville?

We offer a different service, in various spaces of the wonderful hotel, which is worth coming just to see its architecture and design... It’s like a “three acts” experience: A drink-aperitif and a series of snacks in the Cocktail Bar, the main dishes in the restaurant and finally we serve our “petit-fours” and coffees in the patio. We guide the diner through a gastronomic tour of the Andalusian flavors.

You are innovators...

Luckily, more and more colleagues are innovating and risking in Seville, and we are part of this group that wants the Sevillian culinary culture to evolve in this line, without losing the heritage of our flavors.

María Luisa Restaurant

Where does your passion for cooking come from?

My relationship with the kitchen begins in my own house, where I lived the love for the good table and good dishes to enjoy together in a family ambience.

An essential ingredient in your kitchen...

A good olive oil and local wines (fino, manzanilla, etc.), of course.

María Luisa Restaurant

Calle Castelar, 26. Seville (Spain)

Tuesday to Saturday, from 13.30 to 15.30h and from 20.30 to 23.30h

Closed Sunday and Monday

See Menu

Gastronomic Autumn in Seville

At María Luisa Restaurant we know that the best way to celebrate the Andalusian gastronomy is by sitting at the table.

Coinciding with the change of the season, María Luisa Restaurant at the Mercer Sevilla launches new lunch and dinner menus, with dishes based on the local tradition and focused on the product.


As a novelty for the autumn, María Luisa Restaurant proposes a new midday menu with a series of cold dishes, fried foods, Sevillian dishes and Andalusian specialties. The young Sevillian chef Rafa Liñán has created an informal, fresh and varied menu based on popular southern recipes.

María Luisa Restaurant

For starters diners can choose, for example, a homemade Russian salad with tuna belly or "salmorejo" and continue with fried marinated anchovies with lemon and coriander, battered prawns or Iberian ham croquettes. Among the stews include the pork cheeks with creamy potato or spinach with chickpeas and cumin, among others. María Luisa also serves local classics such as the black pig fillet muffin or the fore rib sandwich with Iberian ham and Padrón peppers.

María Luisa Restaurant

Finally, you should leave room for dessert, with delicious options as honey fritters with orange marmalade or strawberries with cream and goat cheese ice cream.

See Lunch Menu


When night falls on the Sevillian Arenal district, the María Luisa menu become more sophisticated. Dishes with an Andalusian flavor, selected product from the garden, land and sea, and an original presentation result in an unforgettable dinner at the Mercer Sevilla elegant setting.

María Luisa Restaurant

Among other specialties, dinner guests can enjoy the tomato from Los Palacios, the carpaccio of prawns from Motril, small langoustines from Huelva, marinated foie-grass, wild see bass, spicy marinara lobster, Iberian pork, or Al-Andalus style lamb.

See Dinner Menu


Among the new cold starters, María Luisa's menu incorporates the "ratte potatoes", a delicious potatoes, avocado, shallot, tomato and capers salad, garnished with alioli, whose recipe we share with you, so that you encourage to do it at home! Bon appétit!


María Luisa Restaurant

Tuesday to Saturday, from 1.30 to 3.30pm and from 8.30 to 11.30pm

Closed Sunday and Monday

Tel. + 34 95 422 30 04


Tapas, tapas, tapas…

Concept and origin

Tapas are also known as "cooking in small format". Since its origin, as a simple snack served at bars to accompany the drink, tapas have developed into a way of understanding gastronomy.

The origin of tapas is uncertain. It seems reasonable that the habit of feeding on "small bites" was born during the period of food shortage caused by the Spanish civil war. However, there are various versions that place their origin much earlier in time, even in the Middle Ages or the Spanish Golden Age.

Tapas can vary depending on the different regions and types of bars and restaurants. There are many tapas (some of which have their own names), presentations and varieties: Cold or hot, accompanied or not with bread, tapas and portions (portions are bigger than tapas), to eat standing or sitting at a table.

Gastropub Le Bouchon

In any case, tapas combine the concepts 'food' and 'socialization': “Shared things taste better”. “Going out for tapas” or “having tapas” means sharing not only lunch or dinner, but the company, the conversation and the moment, with friends or family.

Gastrobar Le Bouchon

Le Bouchon is the Mercer Barcelona gastropub, located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter. It’s a quiet and pleasant bistro, which invites you to sit and enjoy in good company, surrounded by tapas and local specialties. Le Bouchon offers a suggestive menu of appetizers, hot and cold dishes and desserts, ideal for getting a bite accompanied by a great selection of wines, cavas and champagnes, which can be ordered by glasses.

Gastropub Le Bouchon

Chef Harry Wieding (Young Chef of the Year in 2013 and winner of 2 ‘Soles Repsol’ -Spanish equivalent to the Michelin Guide-) and his sous-chef Marc Ramos create tapas and typical dishes well known for their flavors.

Gastropub Le Bouchon

Wieding and Ramos pay tribute to all-time classic tapas, such as Russian Salad, croquettes or "Bravas” potatoes. Discover the recipe of one of the most popular tapa at Le Bouchon: "Bravas potatoes". We are revealing secrets of our recipe for you to cook the real "Bravas"!

See the recipe

Great defenders of traditional cuisine, the chefs propose different stews such as meatballs casserole, mellow prawn rice or creamy mushrooms with foie.

Tapas at Gastropub Le Bouchon

Another characteristic of their kitchen is the care with which they cook the product, either vegetables (such as fried peppers), fish (such as grilled octopus with potato) or meat (such as grilled aged beef with peppers and burrata or the Chef’s style aged beef burger).

Tapas at gastropub Le Bouchon

And the desserts are an extension of this philosophy: Traditional local desserts, elaborated with delicacy and with a lot of flavor, like chocolate truffles.

Dessert at gastropub Le Bouchon


Le Bouchon Menu

Le Bouchon

Calle dels Lledó 7. Barcelona

Tel. +34 93 310 74 80

Monday to Sunday, 12.30 - 23.00 hrs.

Interviewing Harry Wieding, Executive Chef at Mercer Barcelona

Due to the recent launch of the new Mercer Restaurant’s Spring Menu, we interview Chef Harry Wieding.

For almost a year, the kitchen of Hotel Mercer Barcelona is being lead by Chef Harry Wieding. Creating and cooking for Mercer Restaurant (haute cuisine) and Le Bouchon (tapas gastrobar).

Awarded as “Young Chef of the Year” in 2013 by the “Catalan Academy of Gastronomy”, and recognized with two “Soles Repsol” by the eponymous guide (the Spanish equivalent of the Guide Michelin), chef Wieding is first and foremost a cook. He is vital, close and extroverted, and also a perfectionist professional. Defender of traditional Catalan gastronomy, he likes to research to transform "humble" ingredients into delicate dishes, such as his classic grilled mussels. And he does it with honesty.

Mercer Restaurant

Q: Food lovers have a new appointment in Barcelona. You have just released your new spring menu at Mercer's gastronomic restaurant. Explain to us what does this new menu consist of...

A: Basically we have renewed the Mercer tasting menu and the seasonal dishes of the menu as well as the desserts. My philosophy is to cook with seasonal ingredients. The products I work with are all fresh. So for me it’s important to adapt dishes to the seasons of the year.

Chef Harry Wieding

Q: You were born in Germany but raised in Catalonia. Your family moved to Blanes (Girona, Spain) when you were 5 years old. Tell us a little about your career...

A: I started to be interested in cooking at age of 12, when my mother opened a restaurant. I’m a self-taught person and I have learned from the "best teachers": My mother and my grandmother. And throughout my career, I have learned from great chefs with whom I have had the privilege of working. I have great respect for all of them.

Q: How do you define your cuisine?

A: My proposal is based, above all, on the respect for the product and its producers. I firmly believe in local and seasonal product. I have been working with trusted suppliers for years. I’m lucky enough to work with premium quality products. For example, in the new spring menu there are red shrimps from our coast, sea cucumbers, red mullets, green peas from Maresme or asparagus from Gavá…

Mercer Restaurant

Q: So, less is more?

A: Yes, yes, principally! My repertoire runs away from artifice. I like grilled and smoked dishes. If we have, for example, a good aged ribeye, let’s cook it on the grill, so the customer will enjoy it to the fullest!

Q: How is your relationship with customers?

A: I use to say that we treat everyone equally well, whether they are our neighbors or important personalities from any sphere. For us, each guest is important. That’s also why we renew the menu, like that customers who follow us and repeat, can try new dishes, new ideas.

Q: Where do you find inspiration?

A: Food markets are a source of inspiration. Cooking books, restaurants...

Q: An ingredient that can’t miss in your kitchen...

A: Oil and garlic are basic for me. And then, every season has its star products.

Q: And a gastronomic memory...

A: The smell of boiled potatoes in Germany. The sea and woods from here: I feel very rooted to the Catalan culture.

Q: Where do you like to eat?

A: I use to go to "El Molí de Blanes", because they have a spectacular green salad!

Q: Meat or fish?

A: Whatever, while it’s fresh! And I love the "sea and mountain" dishes, which are a classic of our gastronomy.

Mercer Restaurant

Mercer Restaurant

Calle dels Lledó, 7

08002 Barcelona (Spain)

Tel: +34 93 310 74 80



María Luisa, the new gastronomic restaurant of Mercer Sevilla hotel

The new María Luisa restaurant offers a personal tour by some of the classic Andalusian dishes.


One of the essential pillars of Mercer Hoteles philosophy is the attention to its gastronomic offer. Proof of this is that, since its opening, the Mercer Hotel Barcelona has an exclusive restaurant that has become a reference of the Catalan cuisine. With this same goal, just a few weeks ago, Hotel Mercer Sevilla has opened its new María Luisa restaurant, with an innovative offer of southern cuisine.


The name of the María Luisa restaurant refers to the largest park in Seville, donated to the city by Infanta Maria Luisa de Borbon, Duchess of Montpensier, in 1893.


Rafael Liñán, the young Sevillian chef -who has been chef’s Rafa Zafra right hand at “Heart Ibiza” and who has also participated in the opening of “ESTIMAR” restaurant in Barcelona- is in charge of the kitchen. Based on top quality local products, the menu presents a series of traditional recipes, under the chef’s personal vision. The result is a contemporary proposal, inspired by tradition.

María Luisa restaurant


María Luisa offers a complete culinary experience which begins with a tasting of appetizers at the hotel's spectacular patio. It continues in the dining room, where guests can order à la carte, based on a versatile multi-course dining concept, that allows you to choose from 2 up to 6 dishes. Finally, desserts are served at the FIZZ Bar, where dinner guests can culminate this ‘senses tour’, with one of the cocktails created by the famous Argentine bartender Diego Cabrera, in the elegant setting of Mercer Sevilla hotel.

Mercer Sevilla hotel


The menu starts with a selection of appetizers based on classic dishes of the popular Andalusian gastronomy such as “rebujito”, fried little fish, Iberian ham, seasoned potatoes, “salmorejo” or “mollete de pringá”. The proposal of starters has also an Andalusian flavor, such as tomatoes from Los Palacios, small langoustines from Huelva, or red shrimp from Motril.

María Luisa restaurant

Between the main courses stand out for example Rota style sea bream, lobster with spicy marinara sauce, Iberian pork in several techniques or Al-Ándalus style lamb.

María Luisa restaurant

And among the desserts, all artisans, María Luisa offers a homemade “torrija” with honey bubbles and mango or the “poleá” with foam and fried bread. In addition, the dishes of the menu are complemented by a careful and current wine selection.

María Luisa restaurant


The restaurant has been conceived as if it was a small ‘chocolate box’. This intimate space -with capacity for 18 people- has an exclusive interior design, led by a majestic buffet counter of marble and Marotte wood designed by Mercer's interior design team, tables by Gubi, chairs by Knoll, lamps by Viabizzuno and elegant wallpapers by Arte that would dress up any room at its own. In addition to the decoration, the service has also been conceived to the smallest detail: Everything prepared for the customer to live a singular experience.

María Luisa Menu


Castelar, 26. 41001 Sevilla (Spain)

Tel. +34 954 22 30 04


Timetable: Wednesday to Sunday, from 7.30pm to 11pm

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